Updated information from OEA

Please visit the OEA Helpful Information link on the top of the page.  It has some short lists of information about staying out of trouble and using common sense.  There is also a link to the ODE code of conduct that we should all know.

Dental Coverage/Energy Options/Lobby Day

Mrs. Grady picked up a few forms for RHEA members while she was at the most recent Megaconference. Member Lobby Day is a very important day and the OEA is looking for about 20 people from each region to attend. It takes place on March 28th and the transportation is free. The other forms are about energy choice and a dental plan from Bright Now! Dental.
Dental page 1

Dental page 2


Lobby Day page 1

Lobby Day page 2

New way for RHEA to communicate

Please be sure to check out the website as it evolves.  It will have updated information about negotiations and other events for RHEA members.  Please note that the Executive Committee minutes have been shortened due to the privacy of individuals and the sensitivity of certain situations as we enter negotiations.